About Def Chain

DEFCHAIN aims to disrupt the world of expensive and underpowered cloud computing by using the blockchain to decentralize processing power to millions of ARM processors across smart devices during their idle periods.

Through the patented algorithm and communication protocol specifically designed for ARM chips, Defchain harnesses the blockchain technology to integrate the idle computing power and bandwidth of millions of smart devices around the world. This gives birth to the world’s first light blockchain ecosystem for smart devices.

The new sharing economy

  • Everyone can be part of the new sharing economy
  • The lowest layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem
  • Powerful desktop class smart devices will power the blockchain
  • Over 10+ million smart devices are already part of our ecosystem

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DEF Chain in 90 seconds

Technical value

The only smart device public chain in the world, a new “light blockchain” as a result of the technological breakthroughs achieved in many blockchain basic technology areas.


Commercial value

The global personal idle network resource sharing platform will greatly reduce the current high cloud service costs by as much as 90%.


Channel value

Based on the advanced Plug framework, DEF uses the POW+POS consensus mechanism. TPS has reached 2000+ – this has been verified on more than 30 chains such as Wanda and McDonald’s.


  • Decentralization is the trend of cloud services. However, there is currently no cloud resource operation platform for blockchain in the world.
  • Most of the existing blockchain technologies rely on PCs and servers.
  • Existing blockchain nodes are few and the dispersion is relatively low, resulting in efficiency and throughput bottlenecks.
  • At present, the cost of a single node in a blockchain is very high, which hinders the popularity of blockchain.


  • Develop a new “light blockchain” based on ARM devices to enable smart devices to be on the blockchain.
  • Design an advanced token economy, motivate smart devices to chain up and share resources.
  • Make the syste m compatible with existing cloud service interfaces to enable resource users to “zero workload” migration.
  • Redesign the distributed database system to accommodate hundreds of millions of nodes.
  • Reconfigure the P2P algorithm based on the intelligent device signaling structure to improve transaction efficiency.

No one is better suited to do this than US.

Technological innovation: we are the only ARM public chain


DEF is the only company that realizes the complete transplantation of blockchain to ARM devices. This is not only a breakthrough in blockchain technology, but also a revolution in cloud computing: turning massive IOT smart devices into providers of cloud service infrastructure.


DEF’s incentive mechanism makes smart devices easier to share idle resources. We adopt AI mining based on the users’ usage habits, network attributes, resource conditions and other big data


Based on the advanced Plug framework, DEF uses the POW+POS consensus mechanism. TPS has reached 2000+ – this has been verified on more than 30 chains such as Wanda and McDonald’s.


Support DEF and help create the world’s largest ‘light blockchain’ ecosystem for smart devices based on ARM processors.Be a part of this revolution. Be proud.


  • 2 billion

    DEF tokens minted

  • 400 million

    Tokens for sale

  • 20 Million

    Hard cap – USD

  • 1 DEF Token = 0.05 USD (or equivalent BTC/ETH)

    Price per token

  • DEFCHAIN™ Founding Team
  • Private & Public Sales
  • DEFCHAIN™ advisor
  • Foundation Reserved
  • Resource & Community Partners
  • Foundation’s approved mining node

Token Allocation

  • DEFCHAIN™ Platform Core Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Legal

Use of funds



Official release of whitepaper v.1.0
Whitepaper – Quarter 2
DEF Chain functional module internal test version
Test module – Quarter 3
Ether source translation based on ARM devices
Test module – Quarter 3
Plug testing is integrated with ARM devices
Plug Integration – Quarter 4
Plug node connection stability testing
Plug Integration – Quarter 4
Plug POS consensus stability testing
Plug Integration – Quarter 4
RAM, ROM, CPU and net occupancy test for Plug
Plug Integration – Quarter 4


Release of DEF Chain testnet V.1.0
Release V.1.0 – Quarter 1
Complete P2P discovery module
Release V.1.0 – Quarter 1
Perfect the POS consensus module
Release V.1.0 – Quarter 1
Improve security and stability of network transmission
Release V.1.0 – Quarter 1
Node client release with simple UI on thousands of ARM devices
Release V.1.0 – Quarter 1
Official release of DEF Chain public chain
Release V.2.0 – Quarter 4
Improvement on client, P2P and POS consensus mechanisms
Release V.2.0 – Quarter 4
Complete block browser development
Release V.2.0 – Quarter 4
Complete Plug integrated wallet
Release V.2.0 – Quarter 4
Release first plug based DaPP
Release V.2.0 – Quarter 4
Testing on Wan Tai ARM
Release V.2.0 – Quarter 4


Official release of DEF Chain V.3.0
Release V.3.0 – Quarter 2
Personal Developer Participation version
Release V.3.0 – Quarter 3
Complete container layer development, including file storage framework, resource computing framework, distribution scheduling framework Open part API to provide limited resource scheduling
Release V.3.0 – Quarter 3
Provide a simple IDE development environment Write developer documentation and build developer platform Start accessing personal DaPP
Release V.3.0 – Quarter 4


Official release of DEF Chain V.4.0
Release V.4.0 – Quarter 1
Refining and enhancing IDE tools
Release V.4.0 – Quarter 1
Improve and enhance the stability of the container layer
Release V.4.0 – Quarter 1
Release all API, all resources can be scheduled
Release V.4.0 – Quarter 1
Cooperate with enterprise customizations to build the entire DEF Ecosystem
Release V.4.0 – Quarter 1

Our Team

  • Zhang Pu
    With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from ECUST, Pu has over 20 years of experience in information technology and communications system architecture. View profile

    Zhang Pu


  • Adam McBride
    Adam has a Master’s degree in Government from Harvard University where he wrote his thesis on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. View profile

    Adam McBride


  • Kristy Wu
    Kristy has a Masters degree in Business Administration from Tsinghua University. She has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce operations and securities investment... View profile

    Kristy Wu


  • Prof. Xu Hongbo
    Professor Xu Hongbo has a Masters in AI from the University of Auckland and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. View profile

    Prof. Xu Hongbo

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Karl Zhang
    Karl has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mechanical from Guangzhou University. View profile

    Karl Zhang


  • Kermit Liao
    Kermit has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Fu Jen Catholic University. View profile

    Kermit Liao

    VP - Investments

  • Kamal Narang
    Ph.D research h scholar with masters in international business and certified Microsoft engineer. View profile

    Kamal Narang

    VP - Business Development

  • Pawel Kowalski
    Pawel has a Ph.D degree in Law from SWPS University where he later became the Associate Dean. View profile

    Pawel Kowalski

    VP - Legal Affairs

  • Richard Wang
    Mr. Wang received his master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the National Chiao Tung University. He joined the fund team of the DFJ DragonFund China in 2011... View profile

    Richard Wang

  • Constant Tong
    Constant is a Blockchain project consultant and is the Founder of BLOCKSTAR which is a Singapore based blockchain services agency. View profile

    Constant Tong

  • Nicko Tang
    Nicko was an early Bitcoin investor and has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and applications. He graduated masters from University of Nottingham... View profile

    Nicko Tang

  • Scott Wu
    Scott Wu graduated from UT Austin, as an IoT and blockchain security expert. He is the CEO of Seattle Newsky security and actively uses artificial intelligence technology to secure the Internet of Things. View profile

    Scott Wu

    Technical Consultant

  • Yi Ling
    Yi Ling graduated from Tsinghua University with a master's degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a master's degree in computer science from Rochester University. View profile

    Yi Ling

    Technical Consultant

Financial Partners

Neptune Venture Capital Co., Limited. is incorporated in Hong Kong in November 2017 under the Company Ordinance. We are committed to ensuring the sustainable development of the fully digitized asset management platform, that focuses on supporting the investment of prominent blockchain-based projects with a specialized investment management team.

CTIA is an investment advisory company specializing in blockchain crypto assets. It is also the largest angel investor in ETH and ADA projects.

Innohub Capital – Accelerates Global Blockchain Innovations By Leveraging China Opportunities. Top Performance VC in China, Excellent Track Records over the past 5 years,70% Success Rate on the investments

Oceania’s largest blockchain fund, in January 2018, set a record of $160 million in six minutes, and is also a partner in the Wanda blockchain sector.